Our Mission

Work Smart, Do Right, Live Well.” 

 Work Smart” – Time is Precious

Time is precious and finite. This is particularly true in our industry. AQ recruiters know that research and access are the keys to our success, saving valuable time and ensuring a successful experience for both candidate and client. We apply our industry’s best practices to each search, which include application of leading research methods, deep knowledge of the industries and fields we work, and application of the top tools and technology in our space.

We are expert drivers, users and gatherers of business intelligence,  managing each search with key information at hand to ensure a respectful use of clients’ and candidates’ time. We strive to make each interaction an opportunity to establish a long-term professional connection and make it our goal to “work smart” at every step of the recruiting, selection and hiring process.

Do Right” – Integrity 1st  

Doing the “right thing” is the only viable option for the team at AdasQuattro. We not only look for the “win-win”, but the “right thing to do”. Our culture is our brand, and our brand is based on “Integrity first”. We strive to build relationships effectively and consistently through continuous feedback, follow-up and active support of our candidates’ careers and our clients’ organizations. But we also focus on building “high integrity” relationships, being transparent and thorough in our approach, with the highest level of professionalism in our industry. This has earned us loyalty from both candidates who choose us to represent them, and clients who call us first for their most complex searches.

Our reputation is the most critical asset we possess. We are mindful of where each decision may lead and ensure we apply our core values to each difficult choice. We protect our reputation fiercely.


Live Well” – Monday Should Always Be Happy 

Recruiting is not for everyone. There are long hours, a lot of disappointment and long learning curves. But there are also incredible “wins”, waves of gratitude and appreciation from talented people and appreciative clients. Any recruiter will tell you that there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment when the job is done right. What we do requires a healthy state of mind and the ability to manage expectations of the people we impact with a high level of emotional intelligence. To ensure we stay true to the idea that to work with passion is to live well, we encourage flexibility, protecting personal space and time of those we collaborate with, openness of expression & honesty, self-discipline in how we work and to feed the joy of doing what we love.

“We ❤️  Talent” is not just a tagline. It is a reflection of the passion we feel for connecting with talented people, and how that passion enables our team to live fulfilling lives doing work that makes us happy about Monday mornings.