Not giving in to your anger (Graphic Images)

Image: Dallas News
Image: Dallas News

Reviewing my social media feeds today, I see a lot of angry talk again on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.

Yes, something terrible transpired yesterday; something heartbreaking and mind-numbing.

When violence is inflicted upon us in any form, not just physical but emotional or verbal, it is easy to get caught up in the need to even the score. You want to feel better about yourself and so you may consider inflicting an equal amount of injury on someone else.

In light of what happened in Boston yesterday, I think about these two truth statements for myself:

a) it’s okay  for me to be angry
b) it’s not ok for me to act on my anger

The reality is that we cannot hurt someone else without losing a bit of our own goodness. When you inflict pain on someone else,  you are still losing more. They win again.

So, as these graphic images cross my news feeds throughout the day, I have chosen to look for the ‘good’.

I see runners and spectators racing to help the injured and dying.
I see communities rallying around each other.
I see people’s spirits lifted by the power of a kind word.

I see families reunited.

People may do horrendous things or simply act in ways that disappoint or disgust us, but it’s up to us to determine whether we turn over the key to our peace. Yesterday it was Boston, tomorrow it could an incident in your personal life or at work. I choose to not empower people who are violent in their actions or words for a very selfish reason: I refuse to lose any bit of my own goodness, or invest any part of my soul in actions that would require me to lower myself to someone else’s pitiful standards.

I hope during the next few days, all of us that have heavy hearts for varied reasons, choose kindness, forgiveness and self-love as the  weapons of choice. I am not saying we should become doormats. What I am saying is that if we refocus our energy on what is good, what is bad loses its power over us, and its power in general.

And in the end, is that not the result we seek?

Better to achieve it without compromising the best in us for the pleasure of satisfying the worst in us.

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