Your audacious goals on a billboard

Meet Adam.

Adam needs a job and he just used his last few bucks to buy space on a billboard to show you how badly he needs one.


Some people will look at this and think, Poor sap.

I look at this and think, Genius!

Why was Adam throwing good money away on a billboard when he clearly should be saving it?

You or I may not have a job for him, but his once ordinary goal is now a bit more extraordinary, is it not?

He’s not just another job seeker with a resume. He’s a job seeker with a goal on a billboard.

Adam’s goal crossed the pond and made some people think about the power of doing things differently.

Sure, it’s safer (and probably, cheaper) to go the traditional route. Chat up a recruiter, send a few hundred emails, attend a few job fairs.

You don’t risk judgment, or people questioning why you are swimming against the tide. You are doing what is expected.

It is so much easier to do what is expected. Feels so much safer.

But, at what point do you say, “my goal is more important than feeling safe.”

Or better yet, like Adam tells us with his billboard, when do you say,

“I don’t want to be like everyone else.”

Maybe a billboard is too audacious for you in order to reach your goals.

But, what if success were certain? Would you do it then?

I wonder if what keeps us from reaching our goals at times are not our abilities as much as our insecurities. That huge billboard telling the world, “I need help,” is a bit too much honesty for us to handle.

But then I find people like Adam, who show us that when you want something badly enough, a little less ego and a lot more creativity is the solution to most problems.

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