Think big, get there in small steps.

Everyone wants the fastest route to the results they want.

Our dinners arrive via drive-thru. Our degrees are completed online. Our future love interest is a click away.

We want what we want, when we want it. And when possible, with little effort. Doing more than required is considered inefficient these days.

But do you ever wonder whether we sacrifice something far more important than the end result by taking the shortcut?

small_stepsSmall steps matter

Any physical trainer will tell you , you cannot rush through your sets.

You must complete each exercise with focus and follow-through, concentrating on the exercise as you are doing it because each movement is important. Otherwise you will not see the results you want.

Our goals usually have varying degrees of steps that need to be completed before we achieve the end result we are looking for. Sometimes we are tempted to get there faster by skimping. Taking three steps at a time, instead of one. Circumventing the process so that we get to enjoy the reward.

How fast we achieve our goals becomes more important than achieving them the right way.

Celebrate mini-wins

When we disregard the smaller steps, we miss the opportunity to acknowledge progress. Taking a piece meal approach to your goals ensures you become familiar with every nuance, every nook, every cranny of your objective. You don’t just accomplish these goals. You earn them. Small steps allow for a full understanding of not just the result, but the complexity behind what it takes to achieve it.

So let’s say you don’t skip steps, but you simply don’t value them. They don’t matter as much because they are not as noticeable to anyone. Just you.

Well, YOU are a big deal. When we only appreciate big goals we forfeit the opportunity to fill our confidence coffers. To line our pockets with small wins that mark small steps upwards, something we need desperately when things are not going so well.

As Rakuten’s CEO Hiroshi Mikitani shared in his post on ‘collecting success’ this week,

“Climbers start with smaller mountains and then work their way higher.”

Each win may not deserve a grand reward, but certainly they are part of the means to an end. At the very least they deserve a happy dance. If only to prepare you for your next audacious goal.

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