A video for those whose bodies can’t stop talking


I won’t lie. I Heart TED. I Heart TED because of videos like this.

Body language speaks for us when we can’t (or won’t). Every look, every smirk, every gesture, every pose is part of the constant stream of communication flowing from our bodies, even when our mouths are silent.

It impacts people’s perceptions of us and in time, through the power of habit, impacts how we perceive ourselves and how we act, accordingly.

The best examples of how body language can make or break a communication stream have come from the ‘power poses’ exchanged between candidates and their interviewers throughout the years. Compare two candidates discussing their identical resumes. Have one slouch in the seat and have the other sit completely upright. Once they both share their identical experience, credentials and skills, which of the two do you think will be considered the better candidate?

The ability to master the stream of communication exuded by our facial expressions, hand gestures, poses and so many other tantalizing messages is the subject of this great TED Talk by Amy Cuddy.

2 thoughts on “A video for those whose bodies can’t stop talking

  1. I am really glad the Amy Cuddle video has gotten so much attention. Body language is very important to learn, and I think she has helped out tremendously with getting more people exposed to it.

  2. I don’t think people realize how much talking we do with our bodies, even in complete silence. My favorite experiment is sitting at Starbucks and figuring out who is waiting for someone else, who is at ease, who is hiding. It’s a great video that provides insight into how we constantly “announce” our intentions.

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