The Bookless Library Has Arrived

I am currently reading two books on my Kindle Fire. I am re-reading To Sell Is Human by Dan Pink and I am also re-reading Lead with Luv by Ken Blanchard. Truth be told, it is very convenient  to say I am reading two books that I take with me everywhere, fit neatly in my purse and weigh about as much as my cell phone.

But there is also something missing when I read on my Kindle.


I like going to a bookstore, sitting on its floor and reading the first few pages of my potential “next adventure”.
I like turning pages.
I like shiny book jackets.
I like playing the game of “how far can I bend the spine back whilst reading, without creasing it?”
I like transferring my bookmark from one book to another.
I like looking at the book on my library shelf at home once I’m done consuming its pages.

But the libraries of the future may not be so much fun for me, if the illustration below is any indication. Reading will be a lot like what most of us do all day, look at a screen.


Check out this great post  via the Book Peeps regarding the future of our libraries and how they will look and feel to readers.

What do you think about what is to come?

Image Credit: Huffington Post

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