What your spouse, a job seeker and a used car salesman have in common

imgresHave you ever had to convince your significant other to watch a movie they typically wouldn’t watch on their own?

Have you compelled your teenage kids to get a head start on that science project that was due in two weeks instead of procrastinating?

Have you ever interviewed for a job and been hired?

Have you ever persuaded someone to vote for your candidate or donate to your charity?

Each of those activities required for you to influence someone else into moving into the direction you wanted them to go. They made a decision that you wanted to happen. So… Congratulations! You’re a salesperson. In fact, we all are.

That is exactly what  To Sell Is Human, the newest ebook on my Kindle is about.

Dan Pink To Sell Is Human

Take any activity that requires one human being to convince another of anything, and you have the makings of a sale.

Whether it is to convince your boss that you need a new printer, or persuade the receptionist to answer the phone more tactfully, as long as you are not using force, it’s a sale. And those type of sales happen around us every single day.

Sales are a fundamental part of how we evolve as people, and as a society. Real leaders know that you are constantly selling your ideas in both directions – not just to those you report to, but to those that follow you.

What better leader is there than a salesperson, whose followers are his ‘clients’? Things happen because ideas are bought and sold each and every day.

So, if you work in accounting, Human Resources , customer service or any other department where your job is dealing with people and STILL don’t think you are in sales, I suggest you pick up this book.

You can read more about Dan Pink, or get to know him through his 2009 TED Talk (below).

5 thoughts on “What your spouse, a job seeker and a used car salesman have in common

  1. This is very interesting and very true, if you try to convince someone to do something they normally wouldn’t try, you are definitely selling. And it couldn’t be more true than when in an interview, because the product, or the idea you are trying to sell, is yourself.

  2. Oh absolutely! An interview is the ultimate sales pitch by everyone who has ever held a job! The book just shifts your thinking about the power of influence and the stereotypes we have about sales. I say “we” because I know the last thing I ever wanted to be called was a salesperson before reading this book!

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