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What the AdasQuattro Talent team does first, is put every ounce of heart we can muster into our talent searches. It’s why we chose to add a ❤️   in our tagline, as it must be in the center of all we do. Putting heart into our work means we do it with passion, with detail, and with respect for the delicate process of helping people professionally transition.

We have a passion for our industry and work hard to build meaningful (not just purposeful) relationships. Our goal with every interaction is to be remembered for being exceptional in our field and earning the opportunity to work with you again.

Second, we work on partnering with exceptional organizations in order to offer career-changing opportunities. Our client list proudly includes dozens of global Fortune 500 companies, and our partnership list grows by the day. Our searches center on identifying extraordinary people that our clients cannot let walk away.

And finally, we collaborate with some of the best independent niche recruiters throughout the U.S., focused on technology, banking and financial services, healthcare, digital marketing and social media, pharmaceuticals, insurance, aerospace and defense, and fast moving consumer goods, among other industries. 

To learn more about us, we encourage you to explore our  purpose, mission and values,  suggested reading for any recruiting professional that wants to join our team.

To learn more about how we can help you reach your career and/or your recruiting goals, please visit our Talent and Client sites for more information.

Or, drop us a line:  💌  Hello@AdasQuattro.com



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